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The MMR Diet: 6 Lean Benefits of Mobile Market Research

As the technological landscape continues to evolve going into the 2020s, mobile remains the primary means of connecting consumers with companies, through social media interaction, engaging apps, and effective market research. While not only being the most widespread means of communication, mobile provides an invaluable benefit to research projects through innovative features applied to established methodologies. Outlined below are six key features of MMR that can enhance your next research project:

1. Wherever, Whenever

In-the-Moment research has been the elusive goal of market researchers for decades, and only recently has it become possible to measure experiences as they happen, thanks to mobile technology. Using a platform with both online and offline capabilities allows respondents to record more intimate thoughts and feelings, without having to worry about staying tethered to their cellular connection or wi-fi.

2. Feature-Rich

Computing power was once the primary barrier to widespread adoption of MMR methods. But as the capabilities of modern smartphones become more advanced with every generation, so do the features offered by mobile platforms. Built on a foundation of the traditional survey question types, mobile also allows for high-quality multimedia capture and display, advanced notifications, connectivity, and interaction between respondent and researcher that is made possible by the latest in smartphone tech.

3. Panelist Access

Mobile takes CATI/CAPI methods to the next level by allowing for more intimate communication between the researcher and respondent in order to quickly follow up on a response. Communication within the app interface, through customised push notifications, SMS messaging, and in-app video calling gives direct access for easy follow-up questions, while limiting the amount of personal information needed to keep in touch.

4. An Ocean of Insights

According to Pew Research, close to 80% of adults in the world's leading economies own a smartphone. An even more exciting statistic is the average increase of 21% for smartphone ownership among 18-34 year olds in emerging markets between 2015 and 2018. The sheer number of smartphones in the world today provides researchers with a staggeringly huge network to gather insights from, and the added convenience for respondents to be able to share their thoughts and opinions from their own device will only make those insights richer and more personal.

5. Personalized Results

It's no secret that the amount of media we're exposed to in day-to-day life is overwhelming for many consumers. The approach of quantity over quality just doesn't cut it in today's market. Consumers expect more, specifically, consumers expect and thrive on personalization. "Intelligent" surveys provide a unique experience to each respondent by making the most of all the available data, in order to reveal the missing pieces of the research puzzle.

6. Exponential Growth Potential

The ever-expanding capabilities of mobile paired with the sheer depth of untapped consumer data present the strongest case for MMR as the primary means of conducting market research. Technological growth strengthens and expands existing capabilities, and ensures that as a research platform, mobile will reign supreme for the foreseeable future.

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